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Preston PR1 9JA

Phone: 01772 744920


Mobile: 07989 245472



Business hours

Mon - Sat 09:00 - 17:00


Sun - Closed (Calls are welcome)


Please feel free to call anytime for an appointment or enquiry


Shake A Paw dog grooming offer the following services:


  • Bathing


  • Clipping


  • Grooming


  • Styling


  • Ear plucking


  • Nail clipping


  • Brushing


  • Perfuming


  • Advice

Prices start from £27 for a full groom every 6-8 weeks depending on breed


If the dog requires additional de-matting this may incur additional cost depending on the thickness of the coat and the size of the dog


Nail clipping priced between £5 to £7


Bathing (conditioning if required) and blow drying prices start from £20 to £27 depending on breed and any stripping required prior to bathing

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